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Oversized Wafer Hard Seal Butterfly Valve

Product time: 2019-07-15

A brief description:

Wafer type hard seal butterfly valve is made of steel plate welding. Oil seal retaining ring is set on the valve body. There is no visible gap between the sealing pairs. The leakage rate is small. The expansion gap between the butterfly plate and the valve body is large. Caused by a stuck phenomenon.

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Large-diameter Wafer Hard Sealed Butterfly Valve, Electric Ventilation Butterfly Valve with switch-type electric (switch control) or regulated electric (adjustment control), accepts standard signals (4-20mA DC or 1-5VDC) output from control systems such as DCS and PLC Opening control and precise positioning. The electric head has double limit, overheating protection and overload protection. Electric brand according to customer requirements

Nominal diameter: DN400-DN6000;

Medium temperature: 100 ℃ -1200 ℃;
Applicable medium: hot and cold air, smoke, dusty gas, etc.

Super large-diameter Wafer Hard Seal Butterfly Valve This product is composed of rubber-sealed butterfly valve and carbon steel or stainless steel valve plate and valve stem. It is suitable for adjusting the flow and intercepting medium in water supply and drainage, gas pipelines such as food, medicine, chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, light textile, papermaking and so on. Its main features are:
1. Novel design, reasonable, unique structure, light weight, quick opening and closing.
2. The operating torque is small, the operation is convenient, and the effort is dexterous.
3. It can be installed in any position and convenient for maintenance.
4. The seal can be replaced, and the sealing performance is reliable to achieve zero leakage of the two-way seal.
5. The sealing material is resistant to aging, weak corrosion and long service life.

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